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VBA Training Online

VBA Training Online

what is vbaWhat is Visual Basic Applications (VBA)?

Visual Basic Applications is a programming tool provided by Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, and Access. VBA is used to automate repetitive tasks or extend an Office program’s functionality. All types of businesses utilize and benefit from VBA automation and our online training will teach you how you can do it too with Microsoft Excel.

Why should you learn VBA?

why vba

Microsoft Excel is widely used to analyze business data. At some point, data analysis and reporting becomes repetitive and time-consuming. The concept behind VBA automation is that you should let Excel handle all the mundane processing tasks, providing you time to analyze the results under different scenarios. One of VBA Training’s primary goals is to teach business users how to program Excel to automate an existing process.

Another reason to learn VBA is to help you understand other developers code. Many businesses have one VBA expert who is overloaded with projects. The first step to fixing or improving your company’s existing code is to understand how it works.

Once you learn to read and write your own code, VBA is a job skill that is increasing in demand. Though few companies actually include VBA tests as job prerequisites, the question of programming Excel is becoming an increasingly popular topic during job interviews.

how vba helpsHow can our VBA Training Help?

Our VBA training course is comprehensive. We begin by building a solid foundation with essential Excel features like functions and data analysis, then explain how macros will fail but that you can fix those macros by learning how to use the VB Editor to write code. Each class teaches a few key VBA words that the macro recorder can’t expose, then we apply those keywords to real-world business problems. Besides extensive online practice, we also provide homework assignments for you to improve your VBA skills when not in class.

learn more vbaLearn more about our online VBA training course.